Basic Scrum Rules

The main aim of Scrum rules is to optimize the development process and minimize time wasted. Here is a list of Basic Rules in Scrum:

  1. Every Sprint is Four Weeks or Less in Duration
  2. There are no Breaks Between Sprints
  3. Every Sprint is the Same Length
  4. The Intention of Every Sprint is “Potentially Shippable” Software
  5. Every Sprint includes Sprint Planning
  6. The Sprint Planning Meeting is Time boxed to 2 Hours / Week of Sprint Length
  7. The Daily Scrum occurs every day at the same time of day
  8. The Daily Scrum is time-boxed to 15 minutes
  9. Every Sprint includes Sprint Review for stakeholder feedback on the product
  10. Every Sprint includes Sprint Retrospective for the team to inspect and adapt
  11. Review and Retrospective meetings are time-boxed in total to 2 hours/week of Sprint length
  12. There is no break between the Sprint Review and Retrospective meetings

The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that everyone follows the rules of Scrum related to a project. These rules hold the Scrum process together so that everyone knows how to play.

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