Importance of Having a Customer Support Team in a SaaS Company

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a cloud base software distribution model, where a third party hosts the Software/Application over internet to the customers. In this model, instead of buying the Software with a license or installing it to own computer, customer subscribes to the service provider and pay them in a monthly basis.

Customer Support Team plays the major role in a SaaS company. As it is a cloud base subscription model customers are concerned about the product and service both. Since it’s a competitive business, failing to take care of a single customer can be a biggest mistake. Having a good product is not always enough. One positive interaction from the customer support team can make the customer a life time user of the product. Customer Support Team can measure the number of customers, sales, issues and other matrix.

Improve Product’s Quality:

Customer Support Team is the basic tool to learn about the customers. Learn about what they think about it. What new features they would like to see in it. It’s the better way to get more information about customers need and according to it product can be more relevant.
Ticket type and ticket volume are related to specific area of the product that needs to be updated.

Create Great Service Experience:

The swifter the response the better impression. If the customer support is not prompt, it can be a real issue for a SaaS company. An active Customer Support Team can help to reduce the response time of tickets and help the customers with the issues they are having. So that customers don’t feel to be ignored also it makes sure that customers are satisfied with the product.

Customer Support Team Gains New Customers:

Opportunity to get referral from the existing customers comes with a great support from Customer Support Team. A happy customer is the best source of referral. With a great support from Customer Support Team, customers feel to be

valued and it makes them feel positive about a company. Referrals convert into a superb rate.

Increase revenue:

When product and customer support go together it leads to revenues. 82% of customers leaves a company for improper customer support experience and 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience [source:]. A SaaS company can produce revenue through a great customer support. Competitive customer service can make a satisfactory response and raise of business among the competitors.


It is very important to gather customer feedbacks to know what they think about the product and what they would like to see in it. An efficient customer support system can collect this information in order to develop the product and keep customers updated.

A support system team with excellent performance can make the company stand out in the market. Successful companies are those that provides a product that is needed in market also supports customer with a great Customer Support Team. In the world of SaaS failing to take care of customers can be a biggest mistake a company can make. Customers can deal with some issues with the product but can’t deal with an inappropriate Customer Support.

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